Date:2020-2-16 3:37:42
IDC of Austria
HEYER of Germany
Elexxion of Germany
SCHMITZ of Germany
Trilux of Germany
Myray of italy
Stern weber of italy
Siger of China
Mectron of Italy
Melag of Germany
Brumaba of Germany
HEYER Medical is a leading company in development, manufacturing and distribution of high-class medical devices with a more than 130 years of experience in healthcare technology. The company was established in 1883 in Bad Ems, a famous spa-town in the heart of Germany.
HEYER is active globally, with particular presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Based on our core-competence ‘Ventilation’, HEYER Medical expanded its product portfolio to include: Anesthesia Delivery Systems and Workstations, Patient Monitoring Systems, Intensive Care Ventilator, Inhalation Therapy and Respiratory Care.

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